Latest Update from SET ESG Academy


On 29th February 2024, the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) – ESG Academy in collaboration with the Business Administration (BA) Division of Mahidol University International College organized a special lecture dedicated to the topic of “Sustainability in Business Practices”.

The session featured two prominent guest speakers from the SET ESG experts pool: Ms. Sineenuch Kokanutaporn, the Managing Director at Thai Eastern Group Holdings (TEGH) PCL, and Ms. Prasnee Surastian, the First Executive Vice-President responsible for the areas of Corporate Governance, Planning, Risk Management and Sustainability at Frasers Property Thailand (FPT) PCL.


Ms. Sineenuch shared with the audience of business students and professors, the story of her family business and how sustainability has been embedded and supporting the business growth since her father first started the agribusiness several decades ago. Being aware of the importance of natural resources and people around the company, the company has been able to create value for stakeholders as well as to prepare their own eco-system for possible future demands from the market and regulators. One of the highlighted examples in the sessions was the way the company manages its waste from the rubber and palm oil production to transform it in biogas energy, through a symbiosis process. In this way, not only there is a reduction of the impact of waste, but also less CO2 emissions and more autonomy in terms of using their own environmental-friendly energy sources. Sustainability has also been a pillar for the company’s competitive advantage. “You need to be world-class company, have high standards of operating and deliver excellent products, so that others see you as good partner” – stated Ms. Sineenuch in her explanation of aiming for excellency and international positioning, which also attracts the top international customers. Ms. Sineenuch told us that she perceives the current moment as a transition in the overall economy, in which companies need to adapt their way of working to be more sustainable. If companies neglect the current opportunities and neglect to change, later on they may not be able to survive due to competition and very strict regulations.


Ms. Prasnee presented how sustainability has been transforming the business model of the estate development international company, centered in people’s experiences and mindful about the importance of reducing impact on the environment. For this company, social sustainability brings success and from the initial stage of designing the buildings, the goal of being green and reducing carbon emissions is interlinked with the wellbeing they aim to provide for their tenants. It was also shared that the company complements a long-term goal of net-zero carbon emission by 2050 with medium and short-term goals, some of which already by 2024, and which are related to being climate resilient, get high percentage of green-certification, being financed by green funds and get all employees trained. ESG factors rely at the core of the mission of the company, defining it along the 3 pillars of “Acting progressively” (Governance), “Consuming responsibly” (Environmental), and “Focusing on people” (Social).


Quotations from students’ feedback:

“It is a wonderful experience to have an opportunity to listen to the vision, growth history and also information from both guest speakers.”

“I have found amazing the idea of the explanation of adapting to the consumer needs and also the world needs, in order to keep a business alive.”

“The session was very informative and interesting. I like the Thai Eastern company's business strategy. They try to improve before the regulations are enforced so that when the time comes, they are ready.”

“I liked the guest speaker session a lot.”

“Both companies’ sustainability plans are really good and practice. They are very awesome.”


This event provided an exceptional opportunity for the enthusiastic audience of business students and lecturers to engage with and learn from firsthand business experiences. Through initiatives like these, SET ESG Academy remains dedicated to bridging between academia and industry in Thailand, thereby empowering the next generation of leader to excel in their respective fields and contribute to a future sustainable future in Thailand and in the world.


Isabel Pereira Rodrigues 

Ph.D., Asst., Prof.

Business Administration Division, Business Economics

Mahidol University International College